1. Coordination in organizing cultural events like “Indera Dhanush”. 
2. Coordination in organizing sports and games for the Students. 
3. Coordination in communicating the information between students and teaching faculty. 
4. Coordinating in inviting the external guest speakers and organizing the workshops and Seminars.
 5. Coordination in day to day academic activities at their level. 
6. Coordination with College Administration to keep Institute clean. 
7. Coordination to online admissions. 
The institute provides necessary support to the council members in organizing and coordinating the events. They engage in a lot of academic, extra- curricular and co-curricular activities with the assistance of other students. Student members of the council become competent manages for the future by learning all these skills. They also observe important days like National festivals, Birth/Death Anniversaries of important leaders, International Women’s Day, International Yoga Day, Sports Day, Non-Violence Day, Teacher’s Day, Fresher’s Day, Farewell Party, World Literacy Day, World AIDS Day etc. The students Council motivates the students to participate in these activities conducted by the institutes.