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Title : Skill based education
Objective of the practice:
To provide practical information to girl students.
To include relevant skills into higher education.
To give skill-based education to students who are currently pursuing higher
education but want to get into the workforce as soon as possible.
To provide industry exposure.
To enhance their ability to communicate
Raise awareness of the financial benefits of using social media.
To raise awareness of the benefits of e-learning
The Context: This practice aims to develop their skills along with academics.
The Practice: College recognizes the value of skilled based education as a career
path and has taken a number of significant steps in this direction during the
session. The department of English hosted a one-day session on "writing bio-data"
to help students improve their writing skills. The Department of English also held a
one-week workshop on "short-term English speaking" to help students improve
their communication abilities. One months internship program on “Social Media
Marketing” was conducted by Appwars Technologies. An extension lecture was
organized by placement cell on “Career planning and Managerial skills”. College
has successfully completed five add- on courses in Counseling skills, Certificate
course in Tourism, Certificate course in Gender studies, Certificate course in
Practical Taxation, and Certificate course in Public speaking under the guidance of
DGHE scheme. Apart from that, our college has signed an MOU with Atul
Insecticides India to supply science stream students with skill development training
and to upgrade their level to current market trends. Our college students visited the
site as part of this MOU to receive hands-on instruction.
Evidence of success: The writing Bio-data workshop was completed by 216
students as a result of this activity. "Short term english speaking course" was
successfully completed by 195 students. One of our Hons. students, Komal,
won a certificate of outstanding achievement after completing a one-month
internship programme. 253 students successfully completed add-on courses.

Title : Initiative for adoption of e-learning resources among teachers and students

Objective of the practice :

1. To allow students to continue their studies and academic activities during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

2. To encourage faculty members to devote their time to the teaching-learning process in an innovative way rather than becoming frustrated and dejected during pandemic.

3. To increase the number of interactions with students

4. To encourage students to participate as much as possible in online academic and other co-curricular activities as well.

The Context : The globe has suffered greatly as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic; to continue academic activities in such a terrible condition, when both students and teachers are unable to attend college, online classes are the only option. As a result, our college has begun offering online classes via Google Classroom, WhatsApp groups, Zoom, and Google Meet.

The Practice: All faculty members have created Google classes on the Google Classroom app to continue academic activity. Passwords and classroom information were sent to all students via WhatsApp groups, and they all attended classes. All teachers provide an online link to ZOOM class/Google Meet on a regular basis through the Google Classroom app, according to the department's timetable. Students attend courses using their phones or laptops from home, and teachers keep track of attendance using a Google form. All teachers publish e-contents on a regular basis to the college MIS portal and the Google Classrooms app, and they can interact with students through Zoom app/Google Meet app interactive sessions. Students submit quizzes through Google Forms and students submitted their assignments on Google classroom app.

Evidence of success :

• Teachers and students were encouraged to participate in the implementation of e-learning resources.

• Uploaded e-contents can be accessed through the classroom app and the college's MIS portal.


• The Google Classroom app has all of the necessary information.

  • Students have begun to participate in numerous online competitions organised both within and outside the organization throughout their sessions.
  • Various Smart Class rooms and conference room with full latest ICT amenities have been established.
  • Various faculty members have set up their own YouTube account where they can share their e-content for students.

Problems encountered and resources required:

• The process is smooth, and there are no issues with instructors, however the slow network is a concern.

• In remote locations, there is a lack of infrastructure for students to fully adoption of e-learning platform of the college.


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